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The Thai Kitchen Story


Thai Kitchen has been serving the finest Traditional Thai Food in Lakewood for over 19 years.  Original owners, Jimmy and Jum had been serving up more than just authentic Thai cuisine; they had developed relationships with people who were also their patrons, not just customers. Their innovative ideas and unique style have made Thai Kitchen a well hidden treasure of Thai Culture and Cuisine.

After Jimmy and Jum retired in 2010 they found the perfect person, Chef Kwan, to continue the tradition of authentic Thai Cuisine in Lakewood. Chef Kwan is from Thailand and an expert Thai Chef trained in a prestigious Bangkok Culinary Arts Academy specializing in Vegetarian Cuisine of Thailand. Previously, Kwan had her own vegetarian restaurant in Thailand where she honed her skills.

Thai Kitchen is the closest culinary experience to Authentic Thai Cuisine you will have outside of Thailand because Chef Kwan prepares her own fresh curry pastes, sauces, and other ingredients. Additionally, she makes her own Thai Crispy Spring Rolls, Fresh Rolls, Teas and Coffee, Salad Dressing and many other menu items from scratch. Chef Kwan typically starts all dishes with the basics such as fresh produce, rarely purchasing anything already prepared. Dishes are prepared with NO MSG ever.

Each dish is made to order, not prepared ahead and then reheated, so wait times may be a bit longer during peak dining hours. Thai Kitchen Restaurant prepares all meals as if they are cooking for their own family.

About Thai Cuisine

Thailand has 5 different regions with each having its own variation of Thai Cuisine. This is why a dish at one Thai Restaurant will be noticeably different from the same dish at another Thai Restaurant, even though both restaurants seem to use the same basic ingredients. Not any one style is better than another; they are simply different from one another. Chef Kwan uses the Central Thai Cooking Style in the way she prepares your food.

Our goal is to make sure you are happy and have a pleasurable experience, so please ask your server for suggestions. We can recommend choices for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Spicy Hot, Mild or Seafood dishes. Our servers are very friendly and helpful, so if you have a question about any of our menu items, just ask.

Enjoy your experience at Thai Kitchen Restaurant.